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Compete with the England National Football Team in Mobile Manager Goal One

Free-to-Play Football Management Game Lets Players Build Their Own Team
Berlin , 9 June 2016
Compete with the England National Football Team in Mobile Manager Goal One

BERLIN, GERMANY – June 09, 2016 – Kick off the football frenzy this summer with Roy Hodgson and the England National team! Publisher Aeria Games today announced the release of Goal One, England Football Manager – the free-to-play mobile sensation that lets users build their very own star football teams and compete against others! The Football Management game is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Football fans can create a team from scratch, taking over every aspect of managing their club and organisation. They will scout and recruit up-and-coming players, trade them with other teams, and train them up to sharpen their skills. They must also strategize before and during matches, optimizing lineups to create the best chance for victory. Many competitive options are available to put teams to the test, including tournaments, cups, and even a challenge against the England national football team itself!

It doesn’t stop there – there’s much more to managing a franchise. Users will build their own dream stadium, where the matches unfold in real-time. With a successful club, they can use the profits to upgrade their stadium and attract even more fans with additional amenities like better seats, turf, restaurants, and more.

Goal One is available to download now for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. For all the latest news and updates, join the Goal One community on Facebook.

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