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Eden Eternal Brimming With New Features

New Level Cap, New Dungeons and New Maps Await Adventurers
Berlin , 11 March 2014
Eden Eternal Brimming With New Features

BERLIN, Germany – Mar. 11, 2014 – Brand new challenges await! Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, is pleased to unveil the first major update to Eden Eternal since the game’s Reawakening patch. The level cap is being raised from 75 to 100, and there are plenty of opportunities for players to level up with three new maps, four new dungeons, and much more.

The Eloise Plains, a new map, constitutes a common route through the knight’s realm, and contains two new dungeons. The Meteor Crater is the impact site of a large meteor, which has brought rare crystal deposits with it, which are to be found amongst the smoldering landscape. Players should also seek their fortunes in the second dungeon, the Dark Tide Cave.

Hayward Seavale, a new lakeside map, has been seriously affected by the meteor shower and faces many new dangers. The mysterious Durango Kingdom, an ancient city long lost, has been rediscovered and brings with it two more dungeons: The Kahlo Tower, a magical palace of the ancient kingdom, and the Iyernafalo.

For the ultimate PvP challenge, the huge open-world zone of Caergate pits both factions against each other and vicious NPCs. In this dangerous zone, massive raid-level bosses roam free with some of the most highly sought-after loot in the game. But it won’t be a matter of just defeating the bosses themselves—players will also have to fight with eager members of the opposing faction over the kill.

Along with the new maps and dungeons, players can expect new level 80 dungeons, an update in racial crafting and the ability to upgrade their guild to level 10. Eden Eternal is free to download, and like all Aeria Games titles, is free-to-play. The new update is ready and waiting for players at

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