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Enter a New Age of Mobile Strategy Gaming with Dawn of Gods

Aeria Games Launches Colossal New Free-to-Play Title for iOS and Android Devices
Berlin , 18 February 2016
Enter a New Age of Mobile Strategy Gaming with Dawn of Gods

BERLIN, GERMANY - February 18, 2016 - Command an army of divine forces in an innovative mobile strategy game of epic proportions! Aeria Games announced today the launch of Dawn of Gods in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Players will build and fortify their bases, raid enemy strongholds with mighty armies, and summon the strength of hundreds of Gods from multiple mythologies.

Combining the tactics of a base-building game with the addictiveness of a card battle game, Dawn of Gods reaches an unparalleled level of depth in the mobile strategy genre. Over 150 Gods from Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology are waiting to be summoned, including legendary figures like Zeus, Odin, Isis, and many more. Each God has a unique skill that they can use on the battlefield, and they can level up and grow stronger from experience. Lesser Gods can also be sacrificed to improve stronger ones, or even be reborn into more powerful forms!

Gods and armies can be deployed in six different battle modes, from the competitive PvP Raid mode in which players deploy their armies to sack enemy bases and plunder resources, to the interactive single-player Conquest mode that challenges them to capture cities across the world map to earn a steady stream of loot. With the variety of gameplay options that Dawn of Gods offers, players of all kinds are sure to find much to enjoy within the game.

“We’ve been working hard for a long time to make Dawn of Gods the greatest player experience possible, and we’re excited to finally show it to the world,” said Tom Nichols, COO, Aeria Games. “This is a landmark title for us – the blending of gameplay mechanics really creates an incredible amount of depth that is rarely seen in a mobile strategy game.”

Dawn of Gods is available for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Download the game here: Keep up with the latest news and updates on the official Facebook page.

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